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February 24, 2013
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Monster Academy App: Shouhei by xYorutenshi Monster Academy App: Shouhei by xYorutenshi
Name: Shouhei Murata

Glamor Name: Shouhei Murata

Age: 17

Monster type/species: Karasu Tengu
Info on Tengu:[link]
My Summary/Info I go by: Tengu are one of the best known Yokai and are found in japanese folklore. The Shasekishū, a book of Buddhist parables from the Kamakura period, makes a point of distinguishing between good and bad tengu. The book explains that the former are in command of the latter and are the protectors, not opponents, of Buddhism - although the flaw of pride or ambition has caused them to fall onto the demon road. In the 18th and 19th centuries, tengu came to be feared as the vigilant protectors of certain forests. The people of Ishikawa Prefecture have until recently believed that the tengu loathe mackerel, and have used this fish as a charm against kidnappings and hauntings by the mischievous spirits. Tengu are worshipped as beneficial kami (gods or revered spirits) in various Japanese religious cults. There are no known fatal weaknesses for tengu since they are considered somewhat godlike.

Glamor item: Fall Leaf Hairclip

Natural weapons: Talons/claws

Trained weapons: Katana (His blade never leaves his side. A tengu's blade is their life), fan (It's made of metal and about the length of his elbow to his wrist. It is able to expand in size to about Shouhei's full height. Shouhei's still not good at using it since he can't use wind- being young and all- so he usually just uses it has a giant hunk of metal shield or as a way to bluntly hit someone)

Grade: Freshman

Current Classes: None

Passed Classes: None

Current Points: 4,397

Favorite class: History

Worst class: Potions

-Pride: as many other tengu most often the thing that leads to their downfall is their overwhelming pride.
-Mackerel fish: He can't stand the stuff. Eating it is a definite no no.
-Swords: Oh the irony- such fine skilled swordsmen are found in a human like state of weakness/ certain death when faced with a blade. When fatally injured by a blade they will die as any other mortal would.

Major Skills:
-Jumping Great Lengths: Used for jumping from tree to tree in the mountains he was born on.
-As part of the tengu culture, is skilled in swordsmanship and martial arts
-Super Strength: A skill mostly used in the tengu village competition of tackling down trees.

Minor Skills:
-Communicates with: crows, ravens and others of the like.
-Keen sense and focus as trained to be so as to be able to locate his opponents presence.
-Flying....his wings..yeah *SHOT*

Shouhei although having been taught to always be on his guard is a fairly relaxed person. He prefers listening to birds chatter on a nice clear day than to brood over difficult situations in life. He can be distant but once he finds someone he admires or cares for he takes advantage of spending as much time as possible with them since he cherishes these moments.
A weak point in his personality is his inherited pride. If he finds a better swordsman than himself he hits rock bottom and finds himself unable to properly wield his sword. In such cases it's preferred he remain with others until this period passes. It's takes a bit to get him genuinely mad but not much to get him irritated to start an argument.

Character's Background:
Shouhei was born in the japanese mountains and remained their in solitude with his fellow tengu in the village. He had little to no contact with others of any race besides the few humans who found their village seeking to be taught their way of the sword. His family was closer to the lower ranks of the tengu since his family lineage didn't hold any exceptional swordsman(in tengu eyes).
He spent most of his childhood with his mother since his father was usually away trying to raise his families position and gain honor. In turn Shouhei had to work a bit harder to keep the family farm up which was already hard considering the rocky mountain terrain. Once he became of age his father, worn down from his failure, focused on him and began to seriously teach him swordsmanship outside of his required village classes. Shouhei enjoyed these extra classes not just because he enjoyed fighting but because he felt joy from the hope his father had in him.
Still young, he hasn't had the chance to prove himself or gain honor for his family. A few ways he made his name known in the village was in the sport of tackling down great trees in the forest during competitions between the tengu. He always found himself needing to be iced back home by his mother but enjoyed a good laugh with her and his father after the soreness subsided.

More facts:

Height: 6"10 with his wooden sandals. 6"5 without

Weight: 155 lbs

More Shouhei:
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Name:  Shouhei Murata
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Passed Classes:
Point Count: 4747
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